My ultimate goal as the Triad's highest rated fence company is to provide the best experience possible in the home improvement service field. With thousands of very satisfied customers, we have proven that customer service is our mission and our trademark. If at any time you feel our service is not top of the game, please call me direct without hesitation. I want to thank the Triad cities for the many years of allowing us to provide your home, business and school with safety and piece of mind.               

David Sandel Jr


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Please complete the Contact Form with your information today. Our team will be contacting you soon to discuss your fence needs. You may use our online quoting tool for budgeting purpose and fence location ideas. The final price could be lower after the on site measurement and property evaluation. If you're looking for only the lowest price fence, Sandel Fence Builder may not be your choice, but if quality, reputation and experience is key, call us today.