Sandel Fence will not be responsible for any water lines such as sprinkler systems, pool feeds, sewer and septic lines or private power lines. Please have these located prior to our arrival.

Pressure Treated Wood Products are warrantied by the Treatment Facility and not by Sandel Fence Builder. Some types of installation may conflict with warranty due to ground contact, cuts, and custom alterations. 


Purchasing a new fence is an investment that should last you many years and in some cases, a lifetime of enjoyment. At Sandel Fence, we take it serious when customers trust us with the safety of their family and pets. With every fence installed, we have a 1 Year Workmanship Warranty that covers things that may go wrong such as mis-nailed boards, concrete issues, gate hardware and other issues related to the installation of your fence.

Things that are not covered by any warranty are:

1. Treated wood aging process such as Cracking, Bowing, Splitting, Warping, Cupping, Graying and other weather wood related issues. 

2. Nails backing out due to changing weather and flexing of wood products. A wood fence is not maintenance free and needs to be checked periodically for movement.

3. Storm Damage and high winds. We construct each fence to the highest level of quality but when high winds, heavy rains and other natural weather related damages happen, they are not covered by a warranty.

4. Lawn care damage such as weed eaters and lawn mowers.

5. Aggressive pets; At your consultation with our sales team we will evaluate your needs based on the information provided by each customer. It is not our responsibility to choose the fence of your needs but we will give advise based on our knowledge and background.

6. We do not locate property lines or guess at where they are. It is not our responsibility to guarantee the fence is installed within your property lines unless you have a certified survey with markers. 

Please don't hesitate to ask us for opinions and suggestions based on your family needs.